Song of Saigon, Warner Books, 2003.
In the spring of 1975, as war spread across South Vietnam and her country stood on the brink of collapse, Anh Vu, a young medical student faced the most terrifying ordeal of her life. Her only hope was to pray for the seemingly impossible: escape. Here, in vivid and often wrenching detail, Anh tells the dramatic story of how her faith helped her persevere. From the vision that emboldened her to defy a curfew to the chance discovery that kept optimism alive, she recounts how she led her family on a harrowing — and miraculous — exodus to freedom. Through her eyes we learn what it’s like to be a Vietnamese immigrant in the U.S.: the struggles and triumphs, the rude awakenings, and the unimagined blessings…An extraordinary testament, SONG OF SAIGON shows us that even in the midst of unspeakable tragedy it is possible to find peace and joy within.


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in Wheaton College Alumni magazine, Spring 2005


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in The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 25, 2004.