Song of Saigon, Warner Books, 2003

“I didn’t know exactly how I would fit into God’s plan. But by the time I turned twenty in March 1975, I was emboldened by an overriding sense of assurance that the war would not destroy my family. Week by week, the North Vietnamese army was drawing closer to Vietnam, and yet, even as rumors of a takeover mounted, I never doubted that God would act on our behalf.

“During those unsettling days, I would sometimes think back to Hue and those terrible scenes on TV seven years earlier at Tet. But I pushed aside the voices of fear that echoed in my mind.

“I dare to hope for the impossible, because I knew that when I committed myself to God wholeheartedly in prayer, he would act. And he did act, in ways I can only marvel at now…”

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Additional Praise for Song of Saigon:

“A vivid testimony to faith and the human spirit…


“A poignant…moving story…readers will stay with it to the end.”

Publishers Weekly


Christian Bookseller


Reference & Research Book News

“Harrowing…poignant…richly textured.”


“A fascinating testament…”

Ravi Zacharias, author of Jesus Among Other Gods


Christianity Today

“Sawyer writes with unflinching vulnerability and honesty…. It reads like a novel — full of riveting, and often thrilling, descriptions.”

“Readers … will be inspired to dare to pursue their dreams.”

Le Ly Hayslip, author of When Heaven And Earth Changed Places

“Heart-warming…we will eventually regain hope…to live our lives the way we wish. Song of Saigon offers such a tale.”

Bangkok Post