Anh Vu Sawyer was born in Saigon, Vietnam. She is a speaker and writer (fiction, non-fiction and children’s stories). Her memoir, Song of Saigon, was published by Warner Books in February, 2003. She has worked with refugees and immigrants, at-risk teens, offered a home-away-from home to international students and continues to host International Fellowship gatherings in her home.

Anh has been a weekly columnist for her local newspaper. Her writing has also appeared in the Houston Chronicle and Philadelphia Inquirer newspapers, Wheaton College Alumni Magazine, and on Warner Book’s Author’s Lounge website.

Anh has spoken to many organizations and been interviewed on many national radio and television stations including NPR, KFAX, WOR, Prime Time America.

In addition to her other achievements, Anh, in 1999, assisted a public health project for more than 2000 children in a commune outside of Hanoi, through her husband’s organization that provides medical and educational aid to Vietnam. The project was hailed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health as a model for the nation. But one of her favorite projects was the first Creative Writing Workshop conducted at a university in Hanoi with her writer friends in April 2004. It was here that she became more keenly aware of the precious gift of freedom.

Anh continues doing humanitarian work, writing and motivational speaking with topics related to humanity, liberty and freedom. Since 2013 she has been the Executive Director of the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts (, in Worcester, MA, where she oversees programs assisting more than 12 different ethnic and language groups of immigrants and refugees. She has also received multiple awards for the work of SEAC, and is on the governor’s and attorney general’s advisory boards, among others.

Praise for Song of Saigon:

“A vivid testimony to faith and the human spirit…

“A poignant…moving story…readers will stay with it to the end.”
Publishers Weekly

Christian Bookseller

Reference & Research Book News

“Harrowing…poignant…richly textured.”

“A fascinating testament…”
Ravi Zacharias, author of Jesus Among Other Gods

Christianity Today

“Sawyer writes with unflinching vulnerability and honesty…. It reads like a novel — full of riveting, and often thrilling, descriptions.”

“Readers … will be inspired to dare to pursue their dreams.”
Le Ly Hayslip, author of When Heaven And Earth Changed Places

“Heart-warming…we will eventually regain hope…to live our lives the way we wish. Song of Saigon offers such a tale.”
Bangkok Post

Additional Praise for Anh Vu Sawyer’s motivational speaking:

“In her humble way, this petite woman is a commanding speaker who delivers a powerful message.”

–Mary Beth Vallar, Vice President and Director of Marketing, Northern Trust Bank.

“A stunning presentation…”

–Cynthia Grabenbauer, Publicity Director of the Vero Beach Book Center.

“The audience was at the edge of their seats…”

–Charlotte Terry, Indian River Literary Society President.